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Cover: Healing the Embodied Self, Understanding Our Innate Ability to Heal By Angela K. Martin, PhD

Healing the Embodied Self, Understanding Our Innate Ability to Heal
By Angela K. Martin, PhD

What is Embodiment? Is there really a process that results in experiences ‘getting under our skins’ – a process that shapes human anatomy, physiology, and our ‘selves’ so profoundly over the lifecourse that it can both cause disease and affect our ability to heal? Yes, there is, and ordinary people, health professionals, and alternative practitioners all need to know about it. This book contains a radical and powerful new model of embodiment, the self, and innate healing. Based in anthropological, cognitive, neurological, epigenetic, and other cutting edge research, this model tackles the biology/psychology divide that pervades biomedicine and our popular notions of the self to help us ‘make better sense’ of illness and innate healing. Drawing on many different examples, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Diabetes, Cancer, and Anorexia Nervosa, Dr. Martin reveals that innate healing is much more than the ‘placebo response’ or ‘power of suggestion’. Rather, innate healing is a phenomenon of the embodied self – a robust physiological response available to everyone. Understanding innate healing as a product of the embodied self leads Martin to call for radical changes in our current ways of thinking about physical versus mental illness, genomics versus experience, and the human organism as a whole. Her model empowers people suffering from afflictions of all kinds with a new way of thinking about self and healing, personal suffering and distress, and underscores key pathways to innate healing.

Although I think there is something in this book for everyone, the specialist and non-specialist alike, I have worked to make a difficult and complex topic, and anthropology, more accessible to the general public. I want this model to reach the ‘ordinary’ person suffering from illness and that person’s loved ones. This book is really meant to revolutionize the way we understand health, illness, and healing. I want it to empower people labeled ‘psychosomatic’ or ‘hypochondriac’. I want it to make people think about why we separate ‘physical’ versus ‘mental’ illnesses and if our current model really makes sense. I want mainstream researchers, physicians, and the media to stop balking at ‘placebo’ and start finding ways to make positive use of our innate healing abilities.” – Angela Martin, PhD

Angela Martin received her PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Kentucky in 1999 and has worked as a public health and health care quality assurance professional and consultant for 16 years. She is currently a writer, teacher, and independent scholar living in Colorado.


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