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Want to get more involved in learning about embodiment? Below are a number of embodiment resources I have developed to curate and share the latest research and news related to embodiment and healing. Please subscribe to my online newspaper and/or Flipboard magazine. Visit, Like, and Share the Fan page for my book on Facebook. Join the Embodiment & Healing open group on Facebook, post and get involved in the discussion. Follow me on Twitter and get the latest news on all these venues.

The Embodiment Weekly: (issued every Monday morning)
The Embodiment Weekly

The Embodiment Weekly


Embodiment happens when our experiences ‘get under our skins’ and shape human anatomy & physiology over the course of our lives. Embodiment theory is relevant to many areas, including anthropology, epigenetics, biophysics, neuroscience, embodied cognition, linguistics, and studies of health and healing. The Embodiment Weekly curates current research across fields to highlight the significance of this process in the creation of humans as biocultural beings.



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